Time of Darkness Damage types
(thanks to Kali)
There are 66 damage types.
*weapons = immquest eq weapons

Damage Type
Dam Word 1
Dam Word 2
Dam Word 3
ACID acid splash acidic lash corrosive mists Dead Banes Axe*
AIR centrifuge atmospheric pressure tempest NEEDED
ARROW archery arrow bullseye NEEDED
BASH maul smash smite NEEDED
BITE chomp gnaw nibble NEEDED
BLUDGEON beating pound truncheon Judgement
BLUNT clobbering flailing thwack NEEDED
CHARGE assault rushing stampede NEEDED
CLAW claw rake talons Roc Tallons
COLD chill freeze icy shiver NEEDED
CRUSH choke squish stomp Earth Hammer, Steel Skull Mace
DISEASE pestilence rot scourge Pestilence*
EARTH quake seismic vibration tremor NEEDED
ENERGY kinetic energy might radiance NEEDED
EXPLOSION blast concussive force detonation Thaumaturg Decastaff
FIRE blue flame scorch white flame Flametooth
FORCE power stamina vigor NEEDED
GRIP clutch grasp hold NEEDED
HARM destruction pain torture NEEDED
HEAT blister burn sizzle Evicerator*
HOLY angelic beatification purification Heaven's Judgement, SoulcalibuR, Ultimate Weapon
ICE (cold) arctic chill ice shard icicle IceBlade*
IMPALE gore penetration pike NEEDED
JUJU (shaman) hexing mojo vexation NEEDED
LIGHT beacon glow ray Haplo's magic runes
LIGHTNING lightning bolt lightning dance shock NEEDED
MENTAL excitation exertion resolution Warmech's Eye
MUSIC (minstrel) chorus lullaby song NEEDED
NATURE (druid/ranger) galactic circle geotic terraqueous globe NEEDED
NEGATIVE draining leeching sucubus Scyth of Deception
PECK jab peck poke Rubber Chicken
PIERCE laceration incision stab shortsword 'Zedraikis', Blackmoon Dagger, Dragon Slayer, Heat spear
POISON bane contamination venom Wyvern Spike
POSITIVE happiness joy of giving life burst Righteous Voulge
PRANK (jester) mischief practical joke trickery NEEDED
RAM  battering rampage slam NEEDED
SCRATCH mulitation raking nails scrape NEEDED
SLAP smack pummel thrash NEEDED
SLASH cut hacking slash Blade of Entangled Forces
SLICE carving graze slice Steel Ruler
SOUND cacaphony keening noise NEEDED
SQUEEZE constriction hug suffocation NEEDED
STONE gravel boulder rockslide NEEDED
SUCTION sucking dynamic friction vacuum Tendrils Displacer Whip, bong
THUNDER booming rolling thunder thunder clap Thunder Crusher, Horn of Storms*
UNHOLY corruption impurity torment Hell's Fury, Dread Sabre
UNKNOWN enigma conundrum inscrutablilty (this is a mistake, report it if you see this dmg type)
WATER siren kiss splash wave crest Wavebringer
WHIP flogging lashing wallop Burning Scourge
WIND breeze gale force gust Sofar Eternal Slumber
NONE hit hit hit (unarmed)
STAB poke stick carve bone dagger
BLAST salvo detonation explosion The Shadow Blade
POUND wallop clobbering pummeling Staff of Life and Death
BEATING battery thumping assault NEEDED
DIGESTION consumption ingestion absorption NEEDED
PUNCH biff jab slug NEEDED
CLEAVE carve hack dissever Axe Forty Whacks
CHOP lop mangle whack Charred Battle Axe
STING tingle needle prick Hornet Stinger Whip
SMASH fracture slam pulverising Stalagtite
CHOMP mastication crunch gnaw Berserker
DRAIN depletion consummation evacuation Grim Reaper's Scythe, Dread Sabre
SLIME ooze goo muck NEEDED
SHOCK jolt kinetic energy current Arcane Staff
THWACK thwock bop whop blade of ice and flame