ToD Newbies Guide
1. Character Creation

To create your character you have to decide about a few things:

First you have to choose a name for your character. I suggest to come up with a good role play name, this will help you you'll see. Then you have to decide about a password

The next thing you have to do is to select your race to play with. You can find details about your race here or you can type “help <race>”. Watch the race cration points, because those points will increase your experience points per level. The maximum mortals level is 101. On 101 you are a Hero.

Every race needs a sex, choose yours on the next step. Male, Female or Neutral.

You will need a class to play with. You can find details about classes here or just type “help <class>”. In ToD you'll find a three tires system. What this means? Well, when you create your character you'll be in first tier and when you reach level 101 (HRO) you can “reroll” to step into next tier and so on and so forth. After rerolling you can rebuild your character again, you can choose another race and/or class on every reroll.

You will need an alignment too and this can be changed during the game easily. So choose between Good, Neutral or Evil.

In this point you will be asked if you want to customize your character or not. If you choose no, you will receive some default skills and spells and you can start to play faster. With train points you can gain more skills/spells/languages during the game. But if you choose yes on customising your character you'll have to add or remove any skills/spells/languages or groups you want. Every class has his own set of skills/spells. Of course there are some common skills/spells/languages too. You can find details about the skills here and about spells here. Or type “help <name>”. When you finish setting up your character, type “done”.

After choosing your weapon you'll be ready to play. Congrats!
2. Newbie Commands

Informative Commands:
help – This command will list you the all commands from ToD.
who - Who is on the game now. Type “help who” for more details.
score - Information relevant to your character.
affect – Lists you all the affects.
unread – Dispalys the list of unread notes/news….See “help note”.

Communication Commands:
tell/reply - Sends a message to a player/ Reply to a tell
say and sayirl- Sends a message to the room you are in.
ask/answer - Command to ask/answer questions.
irl – Global message command.

Gameplay Commands:
n/s/w/e/u/d – Directions to walk around. North, South, West, East, Up, Down.
recall – Takes you back to your recall room.
look - Shows the room you are standing. Type “help look” for more details.
kill - Begins a battle.
get - Takes an item. “help get” See also put, give, drop.
wear/wield - Wields and wears equipment.
remove – Oposite of wear/wield.
cast - Casts a spell.
quaff - You quaff a potion.
open/unlock – Opens/unlock a door or chest.
sacrifice – Sacrifice a corpse or item.
eat/drink - Feed your character.
list - Shows you the list of items from a seller. See also buy and sell.

Character Personalization:
title - Sets your title.
description - Adds a description to your char. Type “help desc” for more details.

3. First steps in ToD realms

When you first reach the Time of Darkness realms you are in "Beginning of Darkness" room. That whle are is for newbies and you will lean the basics there.
Everyone around will help you and will answer your questions about the game. This is a newbie-frendly mud.
Your first step it should be to take everything from your pack you have in your inventory and wear that stuff. That stuff is good to start with. If you want you can ask an Immortal using the "pray" channel to give you an girdle with equipment. If any Immortal is around he will help you.
Take a look on Newbie Commands and you'll find how to walk around and how to start killing mobs for exp. Before that i think you should know about stances, so I suggest you to type "help stance".

Your recall room will be at 3 north (3n) from Market Square (MS). All directions you'll use are from that point (if not another location is specified).

North from your recall you'll find a healer/trainer. Beeing a low level that guy will cast some good spells upon you too for free. Bigger players from the same class as you can help you as well with nice spells.
Up from you recall is that area you saw when you just came into the realms. I'd suggest you to fight a few mobs from there to see how the things are working.
South then East (se) from recall is a resting room with a nice bed and a good sofa. By sleeping on them you'll heal up faster. To heal up faster you dont have to be hungry or thirsty. You can buy food from 1w1n from MS and 2n is a nice fountain for you. Your condition influence you hp/mp/mv gains when you pass a level, so take care.

A good thing to do is to take a look on Kjeldoran map from your inventory. This way you'll know where to find more shops and usefull locations from our hometown.

This should be your start. Anyway you'll find someone to help you around, this are just some tips to start with.

4. Lever gaining

I'm sure you are asking yourself what are the best mobs to kill and when you can find them to gain better exp. I'll try to expalin you a little.

For your first levels you should kill some mobs from Up your recall. But you also try to search for dingos in New Thalos Area (like 20e).
After lvl 15-20 you should go to Pirates Ship, there is a good place to level up.
When reaching lvl 30-35 go to Clan Tower and you can stay there till 60-70, by going higher and higher. Try not to go to the last level, there is a nasty mob there...thake care.
You'll find infos afout upper levels areas by playing the game, try makeing some friends.

This are not the only areas for leveling up. You'll find direction for them and for other areas here.
5. Newbie equipment

Your first pices of equipment (eq) will be the eq from your pack or from some immortals girdle/pack. Good (but expensive) eq you'll find in House of Fetish. Also you can buy eq from Kjeldoran shops. This eq should be enough till you reach lvl 50-60 (this doesnt mean you can change it).
When you are lvl 55 you can get eq from Canibus and Body Parts. You'll find a nice and almost complete set of eq there.

Again, you'll find out more for the higher lvls eq while playing. The directions for the areas I spoke of are here.
6. Tips
Comming Soon...